Online Concert FAQ

How do I purchase tickets?

Click on the Purchase Tickets link on the event page on ONNY’s website to be taken directly to the ticket purchase page. You can also see all events with tickets on sale by clicking here.  

Select the quantity of tickets you wish to purchase and click Add to Cart. This will take you to a checkout page to provide payment information. A confirmation email will be sent to you from (not from an or address) shortly after the purchase is complete. Important: This email includes your ticket information for the concert, so keep it in a safe place. 

How do I attend an online concert?

A confirmation email will be sent to you once your ticket order is complete. On the day of the event, click ATTEND ONLINE for the ticket you wish to use. (There will be a separate link for each ticket you purchase).  Note that once you use a ticket with a device (your phone, tablet, or computer), it cannot be used with another device. Important: Be sure to click the ticket link on the device you wish to use to attend the concert.

An example of an email confirmation is shown below.  You may use either link highlighted with a red arrow to join the concert stream.

How do I watch the concert?

Before the start of the concert, click the link in your confirmation email, and follow the instructions on the website to be admitted to the event. Click the “play” button (#1) in the video player above if the stream does not begin automatically.  Click on the volume controls (#2) if they are grey and you cannot hear audio.  Blue audio bars indicate that the live stream player has sound enabled.

While audience members are not together in a concert hall for an online concert, ONNY encourages viewers to silence cell phones to avoid distractions. You will want to have both hands free to vigorously applaud ONNY’s wonderful musicians (even if they can’t hear you).

Can more than one person use the same ticket?

No.  Each ticket purchased works with only one device (phone, tablet, computer, etc.).  You cannot use the same ticket to watch the concert on two different devices. It would be the same as two different people trying to enter a concert hall with the same ticket; it just doesn’t work! If you plan on watching as a family on a single device, purchase one ticket at the “family rate.”

Do you offer discounts on tickets?

Yes. ONNY offers discounts for its in-person and streamed programs to seniors, military personnel and veterans, college students, and teens.  A new “family rate” ticket for streamed concerts is available for those wishing to watch the concert together on a single device.  Important: Carefully select the appropriate and desired ticket type at checkout.  Children are always admitted free to ONNY concerts as we strive to build the audiences of tomorrow. 

Does each person attending an online concert need to purchase their own ticket?

ONNY encourages each attendee to purchase a ticket. The Orchestra could certainly use your support as it relies on ticket sales and donations to provide high quality orchestral music programs for the residents of—and visitors to—Northern New York and Eastern Canada. Each ticket purchased will work with only one device (phone, tablet, computer, etc.). If you are watching as a family on a single device, consider purchasing the discounted “family rate” ticket.

Can I purchase tickets for someone else?

Yes. After you purchase a ticket, click ADD GUEST INFO to add the name and email for each person for whom you purchased a ticket. Each email address provided will be sent a copy of the ticket for admission to the concert stream. 

What if I forget to purchase a ticket before the concert starts?

No problem! Ticket sales continue through the end of the concert.  If you are unable to purchase tickets in advance, feel free to do so on the day of the event, even if the concert has already started. Simply click on the link in your confirmation email to join the concert stream.

May I make a donation with my purchase?

Yes, please! ONNY would be most grateful for your support. At checkout, add the desired amount of your donation.  Important: You may also donate at any time by visiting

Does the ticket confirmation email come from ONNY?

No.  The tickets are issued by Eventgroove, and the confirmation email will be sent from  The subject line of the email will be similar to “Your tickets for: <Concert Name>”.

What if I cannot find my ticket in my email?

First, try to sign in to Eventgroove using the same email address you provided on your ticket order. If you never received a password or lost it, use the “Forgot Password” link to get a new one. Once signed in, look for the EVENTS I’M ATTENDING link.

  • If your ticket order was completed, you’ll see it along with a link to resend the confirmation email.

  • If you can’t sign in or your order is not listed, please contact ONNY at (315) 212-3440, and a staff member will gladly help you.

Do I need an email address to purchase tickets?

Yes. Your digital ticket will be emailed to you after your purchase is complete. If you do not have an email address, there are many free email providers from which to obtain one. Or, contact a friend or family member and ask to use their address to complete your purchase.

May I pay by check?

Yes.  Mail your check, payable to “ONNY,” for the total amount of your ticket order and send it to: ONNY, P.O. Box 488, Potsdam, NY 13676. Please be sure to include your name, phone number, and email address so your digital tickets can be sent via email. 

Can someone help me purchase tickets and/or answer questions?

Yes. Feel free to reach out to ONNY Executive Director Kathy Del Guidice at 315-212-3440 or