Watertown Advisory Council

ONNY's Watertown Advisory Council, chaired by Emily G., Sprague, is dedicated to bringing fine orchestral music to the greater Watertown community. The 14-member council provides valuable feedback about programming and operations for the Watertown series of concerts, offers fundraising and promotional assistance, and members serve as ambassadors of ONNY in that region. The Council meets quarterly. Persons interested in promoting ONNY's Watertown Series are welcome to join the Advisory Council. Contact Kathy Del Guidice, executive director at 315-267-3251 or onnybusiness@gmail.com for more information.



  • Emily G. Sprague, Chair, Watertown - retired English teacher                                               
  • Lia Call, Theresa - Indian River Central School music teacher
  • John Goloski, Theresa - Indian River Central School music teacher
  • Susan Johnson, Watertown - retired English teacher
  • Dave Knowlton, Watertown - businessman
  • Richard Lake, Watertown - retired insurance businessman
  • Agnes McCarthy, Philadelphia - director, Trillium Arts Center
  • Tom and Mabel Walker, Watertown - retired businessman, local philanthropists
  • Clement Wong, Watertown - accountant
  • John Wrape, PhD, Watertown - retired school administrator
  • Shannon Zaykowski, Watertown - music teacher