Music in Our Schools Month

The Orchestra of Northern New York acknowledges with deepest thanks all the school music teachers in the North Country and Adirondacks who introduce students to the power of music to inspire, educate, and entertain. Whether vocal or instrumental, music has an incredible impact on participants.
"Music deserves to be the mandatory second language of all schools in the world."
— Paul Carvel, Belgian Author

"Research shows that at-least some musical education has a positive impact on social and cognitive development of children. And these effects are long lasting – better hearing, better motor skills, improved memory, better verbal and literacy skills."
— Alan Harvey, Musician and Neuroscientist

"The things I learned from my experience in music in school are discipline, perseverance, dependability, composure, courage and pride in results… Not a bad preparation for the workforce!"
— Gregory Anrig, President, Educational Testing Service