Orchestra Offers Music Lessons

POTSDAM - Two young women from Indian River Central School were the lucky winners in a raffle to receive music lessons from members of the Orchestra of Northern New York, the North Country's only year-round professsional symphony orchestra.

Kierstyn Waugh, a cellist, and Jade Tichko, a percussionist, are in the 8th Grade at Indian River Central School.  Both have been studying their instruments for three years. They entered the raffle last fall when a group of 60 students from Indian River School attended an ONNY concert in Watertown.

Kierstyn, the daughter of Carriann Church, is in the choir, a member of the school orchestra, and active in sports, including softball and soccer. She says she likes the cello because of "the deep sounds that are really rich, and not high like the violin." She received her lesson from Dr. Robert Docker, ONNY cellist and member of the Crane School of Music faculty.

Jade, the daughter of Mike and Tammy Tichko, is active in school clubs, band, chorus and sports, including lacrosse, soccer and basketball. She enjoys percussion because of "how diverse it is, playing different instruments." She received her lesson from Aaron Andia, a percussionist with the Crane School of Music and one of the few Crane students selected to play with ONNY.

Part of ONNY's mission is to engage young people in the appreciation of music. Its youth programs include hiring student apprentices from the Crane School of Music to play with the professional orchestra; hosting an instrumental music competition for high school students each year; and offering free admission to students, 17 and younger, to all ONNY concerts.

For more information about ONNY, visit www.onny.org or call 315-267-3251.


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