Social Media Reach Increases 459%

Rebecca Weissman joined ONNY’s board last April. Her willingness to manage social media, including Facebook and Instagram, was welcome news. She quickly demonstrated her expertise in the field of marketing, which has had a huge impact on audience engagement. 

ONNY’s monthly Facebook reach - the number of people who had content from or about a page reach their screen - has grown 459% with her efforts, from 1,033 viewers to 5,782. Women followers of the orchestra outnumber men 2:1.  People, ages 25-44, account for 54% of Facebook followers while those ages 45-65 total 22%.

Instagram engages audiences primarily through photo content, engaging members of the ONNY family with community organizations through tagging, recognizing donors and sponsors, connecting with peer and other organizations through “liking” and reposting. 

These followers represent a younger demographic with 69% between the ages of 18-34. Again, women are twice as likely to be engaged by this social media platform as men are. Growth in Instagram enthusiasts grew 181%.

ONNY is grateful to Ms. Weissman for her ongoing work to engage and grow its audiences.  If you have not already done so, please look for us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Join our growing group of social media supporters.

The Orchestra also wishes to publicly acknowledge and thank volunteer Kevin Angstadt, who has served as ONNY’s website consultant since 2013. He does it all – handling site design, maintenance, and content updates.  Kevin is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Michigan.  He received a Bachelor's degree from St. Lawrence University and a Master's degree from the University of Virginia.  He eagerly awaits a move back to the North Country.

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