Friends of the Orchestra

The Orchestra of Northern New York publicly acknowledges and sincerely thanks the following individuals, businesses, organizations, foundations, Fe4deral and New York State agencies for their generosity during the pandemic. Donors in the last two years are listed below.

Only 24% of the revenue needed to produce a season of high-quality orchestral music comes from ticket sales and contract fees. The remaining 56% is received from loyal supporters who believe that having a professional symphony orchestra in rural, upstate New York truly does enhance the quality of life in the region.

On behalf of everyone in the ONNY Family, from board members and management/staff to musicians and volunteers, thank you to the Friends of the Orchestra.


List current  as of April 25, 2020

Symphonic Sustainers ($10,000+)

New York State Council on the Arts
Northern New York Community Foundation
SUNY Potsdam & The Crane School of Music*
The Secret Sits Pro Musica Ensembles, Inc. (TSS, Inc.)

Hall of Fame ($5,000-$9,999)

CoBank, Denver, CO/Farm Credit East, Potsdam
Angela Gray and Jay Simmons, Potsdam
Christine and John J. Gray Jr., Colton
Gray & Gray and Associates, CPA, PC
Pinto Mucenski Hooper Van House & Co., PC*
Timothy L. and Jill Savage, Canton
WWNY TV-7/FOX 28/ME TV North Country*

Featured Artists ($2,500-$4,999)

Kenneth Andrews and Nancy Peschko, Norwood*
Anonymous, Potsdam
Anonymous, Ogdensburg
Georgie E. Docker, Dunnville, ON
Eric Larson, Henderson
   In honor of Ziva Larson
Stewart's Shops/Dake Family Foundation, Saratoga Springs
T. Urling and Mabel Walker, Watertown
Brooks Washburn, Potsdam & the late
   Roberta Washburn Scharf, Albany
   In memory of Robert B. and Beverly D. Washburn
Watertown Daily Times*

Conductor's Circle ($1,000-$2,499)

Anonymous, Potsdam
Brick & Mortar Music, Potsdam
Peggy Burlingame, Potsdam 
Jeremy and Allison Carney, Potsdam
Vernice Church, Norwood
Clarkson University, Potsdam
Cynthia and Mark Coleman, Potsdam
Pat Collins Real Estate, Canton
Ken and Carol Coskran, Potsdam
Dr. Scott R. and Victoria L. Day, Hermon
Fourth Coast Inc./St. Lawrence Engineering, Clayton
Jefferson Community College Foundation, Watertown
G. Theodore and Mary Mascott, Naples, FL 
Janet A. McFarland, Canton
Ruth Nybakken, Ferndale, MI
   In memory of Annette Plante
Samaritan Medical Center, Watertown
Mark Shatraw, Poughkeepsie
Watertown Savings Bank, Watertown
Mary Jane Watson, South Colton
Alan and Roxanne Woy, Fairport
   In memory of John S. Woy
WBLH Tunes 92.5/104.5 FM, Watertown*

String Sponsors ($500 - $999)

Kevin Angstadt, Ypsilanti, MI*
Anonymous, Canton
Anonymous Friend
   In memory of Rev. Peter J. Sullivan III
Steven and Kathryn Bateman, Lisbon
Gary and Kimberly Busch, Hannawa Falls
Car-Freshner Corporation, Watertown
John and Ann Elmer, Canton
Friends of First Presbyterian Church, Watertown*
Sarah E. Gates, Canton
Linda J. Kenny, Canton
John Marson, Fort Myers, FL
   In memory of Alan J. Wioskowski
James and Joyce Monroe, Colton
Mary Ellen and Gary Morgan, West Winfield
Keith Reitz, Watertown
SeaComm Federal Credit Union
Michael Sitton and Mark Martin, Potsdam
St. Lawrence Health System, Potsdam
Gail and Gary Staples, Canton
Watertown Hearing Aid Center 
White’s Lumber, Watertown
Clement Wong, Watertown
John A. Wrape, Watertown
Qing Wu
Tom and Suella Young, Potsdam

Woodwind Well-Wishers ($250 - $499)        

AAA Travel & Insurance Center, Watertown
Anonymous, South Colton
Linda Batt, Rensselaer Falls
BCA Architects & Engineers, Watertown
Kickie and Dave Britt, Potsdam
Lia M. Call and John A. Goloski, Theresa
Sal and Lisa Cania, Hannawa Falls
Susan and James (dec.) Carl, Potsdam
Casella Waste Systems, Potsdam
Barbara and Sam Chamberlain, Croghan
Clarkson University Bookstore*
Nikki Coates & Associates, Potsdam
David and Joyce Crossley, Chaumont
Kathy Del Guidice, Potsdam*
Ray de Silva, Norfolk
John E. Dewar and Sandra A. McCloy, Potsdam
Stephen and Karen Easter, Potsdam
Robert and Mary Fraser, Canton
Michael R. Greenwald, Canton
Trudy and Roger Hart, Potsdam
Adrienne and Mark Hartman, Potsdam
Mark and Brenda Healey, Potsdam
Philip and Eleanor Hopke, Rochester
Bruce and Lorraine Irwin, Watertown
Ronald and Jean Jacob, Watertown
Jade Stone Engineering, Watertown
Susan and John Johnson, Watertown
Joan Kepes, Canton
Richard and Phyllis Lake, Watertown
Randall Lalonde and Patricia Homer, Glenfield
LouAnn Lange, Potsdam
Mr. and Mrs. R. Langhorne, Medford
David and Deborah Neuroth, Clayton
North Country Tai Chi, Canton, Potsdam & Heuvelton
Jim Petercsak, Potsdam
Edward and Laura Potts, Jr., Norwood
Marvin and Sylvia Reimer, Watertown
Phoebe Rogerson, Canton
Jill and Doug Rubio, Potsdam
Brian and Viola Schmid-Doyle, Canton
Peter and Christine Schrauth, Canton
John and Anne Schwaller, East Greenbush
Marilyn Trainor, Watertown
   In honor of Clement Wong and
   John Wrape, and In memory of
   Michael C. Miller

Lenka Walldroff, LaFargeville
Karen and Brian Washburn, Canton
Evelyn and Ira Weissman, Brewster
Rebecca Weissman, Potsdam
Emilie and Martin Weitz, Canton
Gail L. Whitcomb, Massena

Brass Benefactors ($100 - $249)

1844 House, Potsdam
Anonymous, Canton
Cynthia Ahlheim, Chaumont
Donald C. Alexander, Watertown
Constance Barone, Sackets Harbor
Wink Beadel, Thousand Island Park
Donna L. Behnke and James M. Parks, Potsdam
Robert E. Brennan, Sackets Harbor
Kay Caldwell and Chris Watts, Canton
   In Honor of Canton Music Teachers:
   Kimberly Busch, Rob Bickford,
   Bridget Hall and Tim Savage

Canton Animal Clinic
Robert F. Caswell, Watertown
Varick and Judy Chittenden, Canton
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Coe, Watertown
Cold Springs Golf Course, Mannsville*
Kimberly Collins, Adams Center
Community Bank, Potsdam
Community Performance Series*
Michael and Kathy Crowe, Canton
Duncan and Lois Cutter, Nicholville
Elizabeth Cyr, Potsdam
Nancy Withington Del Borgo, Cape Vincent
   In memory of Elliot Del Borgo  
Jim and Joan Edzwald, Potsdam
Nils and Lynn Ekfelt, Canton
John Ellis, Potsdam
Barbara Ellison, Watertown
Ed and Pat Fay, Massena
Frazer Computing, Canton
Will and Sue Gerard, Morristown
Al and Jean Gianfagna, Watertown
Kathy Given O’Shaughnessy, Massena
Patricia and Albert Glover, Canton
Rita Goldberg, Canton
Robert and Betty Graham, Massena
Richard and Ellen Grayson, Madrid
Ann M. Greene, Massena
Linda Griffin and Tom Patterson, Ogdensburg
Patricia E. Guldenpfennig, Watertown
Steven and Carla Haas, Watertown
Emily and Morgan Hastings, Canton
Ralph B. Hastings, North Bangor
Chrystal Hayman, Potsdam*
Highland Meadows Golf Course, Watertown*
High Peaks Golf Course, Newcomb*
Hilton Garden Inn, Watertown/Thousand Islands
Roy and Ruth Horst, Potsdam
Helen and Roger Hutchinson, Canton
Jake’s on the Water, Hannawa Falls*
Arthur and Anne Johnson, Potsdam
David and Nicola Jordan, Potsdam
Nancy Kear String Studio, Potsdam
Nancy S. Kear, Potsdam
Ruth Kreuzer, Canton
James T. Lahey, Inc., Potsdam
Guy C. “Chip” and Randy Lamson, Potsdam
Joan and Ron Larsen, Canton
Carolyn Marlowe, Glen Park
Lennelle McKinnon, Canton
Brad and Marilyn Mintener, Canton
James L. Monaco, Watertown
NBT Bank, Potsdam
James W. Newell, Black River
Eugene and Lois Nicandri, Massena
North Country Savings Bank
Ogdensburg Command Performances*
Partridge Run Golf & Country Club, Canton*
Potsdam Food Co-op*
Potsdam Elks Lodge #2074
Chris and Laura Rediehs, Canton
Rande Richardson, Watertown
Patricia M. Ryan, Massena
Mrs. Mary P. Sanford, Watertown
   In memory of Dr. Douglas M. Sanford
Sergi’s Italian Restaurant & Banquet Hall, Potsdam
Philip and Mary Shatraw, Canton
Rev. Walter F. Smith, Lisbon
Emily and Philip Sprague, Watertown
St. Lawrence County Music Educators Assn.
St. Lawrence Federal Credit Union
St. Lawrence University Golf Course, Canton*
Eric Thacher, Potsdam
   In memory of Susan W. Thacher
The UPS Store, Potsdam
David and Betsy Tisdale, Potsdam
Township 7 Brewing Co., Dickinson Center
Violin Repairs, Jay Nagel, Potsdam
Elaine White, Canton
   In memory of Betsy Northrop
White’s Flowers, Canton**
Byron and Betsy Baker-Whitney, Potsdam
Carole Wilay, Carthage
Douglas and Hoyoung Wilay, Carthage
Ken and Carol Willmert, Potsdam
Mary Ann Yuhas, Carthage
Ed and Kathie Zielinski, Liverpool
Nancy and Keith Ziemba, Russell

Percussion Promoters ($1 - $99)

Adirondack Fragrance & Flavor Farm, Potsdam*
Aileen Anderson, Watertown
Argent Silver & Coin Shop, Potsdam*
Rev. Msgr. Robert Aucoin, Waddington
Jacquelynn and Eric Backus, Potsdam
Mort Backus and Sons, Ogdensburg
Ruth Baltus and Kevin Ball, Potsdam
Barstow Motors, Potsdam*
Kendrick C. Beckstead, Massena
Body Shop, Potsdam*
Jessica Bogart, Canton
Jane Boyea, Moira
Brewer Bookstore, Canton*
Barbara A. Brown, Ogdensburg
Carol Capone, Watertown
Geoff Clark and Suzanne Smith, Potsdam
Clarkson University Hockey, Potsdam*
Coakley Home and Hardware, Canton*
Computer Guys, Potsdam*
Katrina M. Cox, Watertown
Crary Mills Pottery*
Daniel and Barbara Creazzo, DeKalb Junction
David Cummings, Watertown
Thomas and Joan Dalton, New Hartford
Ellen Darabaner, Antwerp
Mark and Arlene Davis, Cranberry Lake
Paul Doty, Canton
Buddy and Lynn Draper, Norfolk*
Michael G. Draper, Brasher Falls
Dunkin’ Donuts, Potsdam*
Evans & White ACE Hardware, Potsdam
Marsha Ferguson, Henderson Harbor
Joann E. Ferris, South Colton
Dorothy I. Fitzpatrick, Watertown
Jane Fitzpatrick, Watertown
Five Guys, Potsdam*
Leland and Patricia Francis, Hannawa Falls
Barbara Friend, Saranac Lake
Brian and Claire Gardam, Canton
Stella Garitz, Watertown
Janet J. George, Watertown
Griffs Beverage Center, Potsdam*
Pam and Larry Hazen, Potsdam*
Dr. Henry J. and Jan Henderson, Watertown
Cynthia Hennessy, Colton
Elizabeth Isenberg, Potsdam
Danielle Jerry and Bob Platte, Potsdam
Jreck Subs, Potsdam*
Sharon Keyser, Ogdensburg
Kinney Drugs, Maple St., Potsdam*
Kinney Drugs, Market St., Potsdam
Sally Kirby, Canton
Jim H. and Shirley Koehler, Westfield, MA
John Lancaster, Potsdam
Jane LaVigne, Potsdam
Carol Lawrence, Canton
Donald and Darlene Leonard, Canton
Carol Manske, Potsdam
Maple Run Emporium, Potsdam*
Marigold Kitchen and Bakery, Potsdam*
Lynn C. Meyers, Hannawa Falls
Roberta Morrison, Hammond
Timothy O’Brien, Potsdam
Rebecca Pickens, Canton
Carolyn Pierce, Heuvelton
John and Jane Pinkerton, Ogdensburg
Potsdam Agway*(
Potsdam Laundry and Drycleaners*
Lya and David Powers, Potsdam
Price Chopper, Canton*
Price Chopper, Potsdam*
Barbara Quirk, Ogdensburg
Ken and Ruthann Reed, Watertown
Jeanne and James Ryan, New York City
Saint Larry’s Bar and Grill, Potsdam*
Marguerite H, Scheyer, Potsdam
Christine Schneider, Cape Vincent
Lyn and Joyce Seaver, Kingston
Shad’s Advertising, Ogdensburg*
Rebecca and James Shaw, Massena
Wayne and Helen Smiley, Watertown
Douglas and Karen Spooner, Dexter
St. Lawrence Supply, Potsdam*
Dave and Mary Stone, Adams
Sarah Street, Canton
SUNY Potsdam Bookstore*
Joanne Swift, Potsdam
T & R Wines and Liquors, Potsdam*
The Frame Mill, Potsdam*
Sandra Tomalty, Potsdam
Dr. and Mrs. Barton Van Slyke, Watertown
Vito’s Gourmet, Watertown
Brian P. Watson, Canton
Willow Tree Florist & Landscaping, Potsdam*

*In-kind Donation
**In-kind and Cash Donation